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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

☢ MP3 Fukushima Report with Jeff Rense and Yoichi Shimatsu Hong Kong 12 Sep 2011 ☢

☢ MP3 Fukushima and Secret Japan Nukes Program - Loss of Ozone Jeff Rense and Yoichi Shimatsu 3 Oct 2011 ☢
Earlier Audio
☢ MP3 Inside Info Fukushima Disaster Yoichi Shimatsu Talks To Jeff Rense Aug 29 and Sep 05 2011 ☢

Download the newest September 12, 2011 Fukushima Report with Jeff Rense from and Yoichi Shimatsu.

Download MP3 Jeff Rense - 09-12-11 - HR3 - From Hong Kong - Yoichi Shimatsu - Fukushima Report
The MP3 is mirrored - Can also be found at Jeff Rense Site

Transcribed Audio first minutes (Note I had trouble making out some words):

Jeff Rense: OK welcome back lets go to Hong Kong and say hello to Yoichi Shimatsu here once again each week the bring us the latest. Congratulations on you're wonderful essay about the real goings on in Japan. That was quite a piece.

Yoichi Shimatsu: Well yeah I'm, we finally got the first scientific information in that we have been looking for, the ratio of the radioactive isotope. That would be related to very high concentration of nuclear fuel, unless the nuclear weapons technology worker civilian fuel rod. And this came in a lab report from the University of California, Berkeley Engineering lab. Which tested some soil sample from northern California found a massive portion of the amount of Caesium 137 vs 134 which would normally be on a 1:1 ratio equal ratio. But they found concentration from Sacramento 17 times higher indicating, you know this is nuclear weapons grade fuel, that been basically drifting over the Pacifc to northern California.

Jeff Rense: Well it's like a nuclear war, nuclear fallout. Yeah.

Yoichi Shimatsu: It's nuclear fallout basically yeah, this is lets say. This have not fallen over California since atmospheric nuclear testing ended by the very late 1960s all around the world and in Nevada by 1962. So we are seeing weapons grade material drifting over California and coming down. Now this report have some inconsistencies, the science part were fine but I think that some of the other stuff surrounding the science were very weak in that report for example on rainfall. I was just now looking at the rainfall record from this year, it's been a very rainy year 2011. 2011 have been a very rainy year in Northern California. And rainfall coincidently fell right after the March 15 explosion at Fukushima. Rain fell over California that very week. And after that main event that I had described earlier which on you're program which a lot of people got radiation burns including myself because there were secretly night time releases from the number 3 reactor which is a MOX fuel reactor. Apparently there were very unusually large amount of rain in may, early may. In Northern California also.

Jeff Rense: Yoichi? Excuse me, did you say number 2 was a MOX reactor?

Yoichi Shimatsu: No Number 3, yeah. So number 3 there was secret releases there and as you remember it was open on may 8 Japan time. And there was large drift of radiation from there all across Canada, the Pacific North West and all along California. All along the California seaboard there all the way down to San Diego and even Northern Mexico. You know LA got hammered. And there was raining right after that you know in California in the week after. So this would explain the presence of this high level Cesium 137. Present in cow manure and cow manure actually is a very good placed receptacle for rain. Because it is very absorbent, it will be dry and it will absorb water. And as all the nuclear engineers know that we need very good, sample. You need a very high concentration of radiation to get a accurate reading. So they got a accurate reading from cow manure, higher that something like 17:1. That would be a 1700% over the normal ratio of Cesium 137. And 134. And it's just been a report from Japan also that, very creditable report on the sea. On the present in sea water of 15000 Tera Becquerels in sea water off Fukushima coast and the main form Cesium that these people detecting, scientist were detecting was Cesium 137. Again a very enriched Uranium or Plutonium of weapons grade.

Jeff Rense: Did you say 15000 Tera Bequarels?

Yoichi Shimatsu: Yeah that's in the sea water. This is just a small percentage. This is 3 times the governments estimate because they said that well a lot of it came from the airborne contamination. They are estimating the total contamination. You know when we say 15000 Tera Becquerels we are talking the in the quadrillion range. You know this, there are a lot of zeros in other words. I am very leery to use these numbers cause you know you can be off by a factor of 10000 very easily. A number like 10000 doesn’t sound like it could get lost in these kind of numbers. But they were estimating something like 400000 Tera Becquerels all together out of the plant, coming out of the plant.

Jeff Rense: That's amazing, you know what's interesting.

Yoichi Shimatsu: So these are nuclear scientists in Japan that are giving these estimates 3 times higher than the governments giving. And then they say they had detected a lot of Cesium 137 you know. And then the University of California Berkley said you know this stuff is from atomic weapons, nuclear weapons so. Well something's been going on at Fukushima not on the up and up which explains this huge coverup right from the start. The kind of confused reaction from the government and TEPCO. The kind of harassment that people have been getting when we visit you know to contact and to not to talk. Not to talk to people from outside and I am coming from outside the country. A lot of people have been discourage from talking with me. Broken equipment, you know imported dosimeters coming in damaged. 1000s of them millions and millions of losses to the public who needed them for their own safety. And somehow they clear customs and their suddenly malfunctioning. Were the ones that people are buying in the States and Europe are saying they are working just fine over here. How come when they enter Japan they are not working. So obviously this does not correspond to a civilian disaster. This corresponds to some sort of very secret, top secret in fact nuclear weapons research. Which people did mention before you know the events in March 11th. You know at Fukushima. That earlier, a month earlier people were talking about secret nuclear weapons testing conducted in North West Japan. This was widely discussed in blogs in South Korea and in China. I think the governments there must had picked something up. They can detect very, very small tests by the disturbances in GPS signals. The neutrons come out of the ground and they sort of bend GPS signals so it's very easy for I think foreign governments to pick up these sort of tests so. Well something not on the up and up that's going that we have been expecting all along and then the scientific proof that have come in from UC…

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