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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Food label Show You Eating Radiation - FAO Major Fishing Areas

I had a closer look at the food label today on a can of tuna fish bought from the local store and I was expecting it to say something different than what I found. I normally check and see the label to find out where the tuna I bought was caught, but sometimes labels only specify where the food was packed.

However knowing it was packed near the Mediterranean Sea usually means that the tuna also was caught in that area or the Atlantic Ocean. Either way it's a safeguard against knowing if you are eating poison (radioactive poison that is).

Now reading food labels are a great way to know what you are actually eating but what I read today was pretty much a bunch of numbers or "area codes". The specific text on the label was something like caught in FAO Area 71,77,87. That didn't tell me much. So I had to investigate closer to find out what it means.

Well FAO is short for "Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations" and they have a list of the Major FAO fishing areas. So turns out my tuna was caught in the Pacific Ocean.. Too bad I had to throw it all away. The areas you need to stay away from are 61, 67, 71, 77 and 87 marked in red.

FAO Major Fishing Areas Showing Fukushima Fallout Contaminated FAO Zones 61,67,71,77,87 Radioactive Fish Food ☢
FAO Major Fishing Areas Showing Fukushima Contaminated FAO Zones 61,67,71,77,87 Radioactive Fish Food ☢
Area 18 (Arctic Sea)
Area 21 (Atlantic, Northwest)
Area 27 (Atlantic, Northeast)
Area 31 ( Atlantic, Western Central)
Area 34 (Atlantic, Eastern Central)
Area 37 (Mediterranean and Black Sea)
Area 41 (Atlantic, Southwest)
Area 47 (Atlantic, Southeast)
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Fallout Radioactive Cesium-137 Deposition Across the Pacific by CEREA Atmospheric Dispersion of Radionuclides Polyphemus Polari 3D model map
Fukushima Fallout Radioactive Cesium-137 Deposition Map
Area 48 (Atlantic, Antarctic)
Area 51 ( Indian Ocean, Western)
Area 57 (Indian Ocean, Eastern)
Area 58 (Indian Ocean, Antarctic and Southern)
Area 61 (Pacific, Northwest)
Area 67 (Pacific, Northeast)

Area 71 (Pacific, Western Central)
Area 77 (Pacific, Eastern Central)
Area 81 (Pacific, Southwest)
Area 87 (Pacific, Southeast)
Area 88 (Pacific, Antarctic)

I know some people still believe the studies done to check Fukushima contamination in the Pacific Ocean showing the contamination in fish to not be that bad. We have all seen the maps of ocean currents and videos how the spread of fallout measuring theoretical radiation contamination in the sea and air. And there are many people that really still think that the radiation is hardly noticed.
But there is one thing with all those studies done that show the situation is far more severe than depicted by the figures. ALL STUDIES done have been built on LIES and FALSE DATA. TEPCO have been lying since day 1 of this disaster and have been feeding false data to the institutions and scientists working on these studies. Most radiation contamination maps only show the release of fallout in the air and water during a period of about 10 DAYS. 

But the truth is and TEPCO have ADMITTED THEY LIED ABOUT THE DISASTER AND DATA AND HAVE DONE SO FOR 2 YEARS. This disaster have now gone on for more than 2 years and the radioactive releases are still going on. Contaminated water is still being pumped out into the Ocean and fish on theWest Coast of the USA are turning to goo. YES that's right fish turning literally to goo.

TEPCO you LIE - They lied to the children
They lied to the children
But the worst part is that the biologists and many, many scientists that have found alarming rates of radiation have been covering for TEPCO too along with politicians. Or lets say the Nuclear community. If they come out with the information they loose their jobs, funding or whatever little project they cling on to.

The truth is, if you take any study done about the Fukushima disaster and take the result and multiply the figures by 60 or 100 times you will be much more closer to the truth. And that my friends is a very good reason to stay away from any fish caught in the Pacific Ocean.


Unknown said...

you mean the west coast........

Unknown said...

There are all kinds of numbers on cans. Which ones exactly should we be looking for? What about frozen salmon where are those numbers at on a package?

Adventure Story said...

This is bull shit all the earth is polluted already.Everything we it is already polluted.So enjoy your stay on planet earth this is your world that you create.

Unknown said...

Fuku is danger man don't eat fish from fuku or u die by cotet disease

Unknown said...

Thanks makes all sense to me.

Unknown said...

the info was extremely helpful for me. great thanks.

Me said...

Yo. Is this safe to eat? Im hungry!

pichimichi7 said...

Dear Radioactive Chat Team!

I am currently writing my diploma thesis on the subject of "Determination and effects of radioactive pollution on fresh and salt water fauna" and would therefore like to inquire whether I can use the graphic of the FAO fishing areas "FAO Major Fishing Areas Showing Fukushima Contaminated FAO Zones 61,67, 71,77,87 "on your website in my work.

The link to said graphic is:

☢ Food label Will Tell You If You Are Eating Fuku Radiation - FAO Major Fishing Areas ☢
Chat about radiation and the current disasters going on around the globe. Fukushima radiation, and how to protect yourself against nuclear fallout.

If I am allowed to use the graphic, please explain what should be indicated as the copyright and whether your email is sufficient to confirm the use.

Thank you very much for your help and I hope to get an answer soon.

Best regards

Michael Pichler

RadioactiveChat said...

Hello Michael, thank you for the message. Feel free to use any info or graphics you like from the site for the thesis. As for copyright you can use the page link to Or if you like the email will also be sufficient. Good luck with your thesis. /JD

Unknown said...

They treat rivers and the sea like garbage disposal points

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