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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

☢ Fukushima Radiation Sickness Symptoms Public Inability To Fight Illness Part1 ☢

These last days there have been so many reports about people showing radiation sickness symptoms being hospitalized because they are unable to fight common illnesses and also diagnosed with cancer that I decided to summarize what is going on. However I feel I need to split up the posts because it's just so much. So this is Part 1 and the news stories covered are from November 7 along with important information about the Fukushima situation.

First up is the FACT that the Fukushima children are not growing in weight, the average increase is down a whole 75% !!! 

Then about the Japanese Emperor due to be hospitalized on Sunday with a cold, fever and symptoms of bronchitis and the 9-year-old daughter of the crown prince and princess also hospitalized. Now there is nothing out of the ordinary with people getting sick once in a while, but with so many people displaying symptoms and forced to get hospitalized because of this it is important to put two and two together.

Children stopped growing in Fukushima
Posted by Mochizuki on November 7th, 2011 Story Original from Fukushima Diary

In Koriyama shi Fukushima, Dr Kikuchi Nobutaro surveyed the increase of the weight of the children.

They compared the increase of the weight of 245 of 4~5 years old children at 2 kindergartens in Koriyamachi.and they pointed out children grew up only 26% of last year. It can be said, children stopped growing up in Koriyama, Fukushima.

As the result,
7/2009 ~ 6/2010 → +3.1kg
7/2010 ~ 6/2011→ +0.81kg (only 26% of growth measured the previous year)

Another doctor gives a comment about this.

Dr.Kikuchi states it may be because children can’t play outside, they lost muscles.
However, mothers testify their children don’t say they are hungry anymore. It’s very unusual. Some of the children have grown only by 500g through the year.

Smaller increase in children's weight in Fukushima
Monday, November 07, 2011 20:09 +0900 (JST) Story NHK World Japan

A survey shows that some children in Fukushima Prefecture have smaller average weight gains this year compared to the year before. A pediatrician says the results indicate the negative effects of the nuclear plant accident in March.

Doctor Shintaro Kikuchi tracked the weights of 245 children aged from 4 to 6 in 2 kindergartens in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture. The results show an average weight increase of 0.81 kilograms over the past year through June. The increase for children in the same age group the previous year was 3.1 kilograms.

The average increase for children aged 5 to 6 in the survey was 0.84 kilograms. But a nationwide health ministry survey conducted last year for children of the same age group showed an average gain of 1.8 kilograms.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident has caused high levels of radioactivity in areas around the plant. Koriyama is located about 60 kilometers from the facility and many children in the city have been forced to play indoors to avoid contamination.

Kikuchi noted that the smaller weight increases could be related to reduced appetite resulting from less exercise as well as changes in the secretion of growth hormones due to stress. He said measures should be taken to restore normal hormone levels in the children.

Japanese emperor to be admitted to the hospital on bronchitis fears

TOKYO -- Japanese Emperor Akihito is due to be hospitalized on Sunday with a cold, fever and symptoms of bronchitis, Kyodo news agency reported, citing the Imperial Household Agency.

Akihito, who will turn 78 next month, will be admitted to the University of Tokyo Hospital as a precaution because the fever worsened the bronchitis symptoms and he appeared fatigued and has lost some resistance to fight his illness, Kyodo said.

It said Crown Prince Naruhito would temporarily take over the emperor's official duties.

Akihito, who ascended to the throne after the death of his father Hirohito in 1989, has spent much of the past two decades working to close the gap between the imperial family and ordinary Japanese people.

Five days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan's northeast, Akihito made a rare public televised address and in April traveled to the disaster-struck area with Empress Michiko, 77.

Akihito had surgery for prostate cancer in 2003 and suffered stress-related health issues in late 2008, including irregular pulse and stomach bleeding. The following year, the royal agency said he would cut back on official duties such as speeches and meeting foreign dignitaries.

On Sunday, the emperor cancelled an engagement to attend a national assembly in Tokyo of Inclusion Japan, a civic organization advocating for the rights of people with learning difficulties, because of the fever.

Translated with Google:

Princess Akio Hospitalized

The eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Princess Aiko, which had been treated at Tokyo hospital for mild pneumonia, yesterday afternoon, was discharged.

Aiko high fever near 39 degrees on July 29 from pneumonia was suspected, the symptoms of coughing followed by mild fever and thereafter, April 1. Bunkyo-ku, After which she was admitted to Tokyo university hospital. Aiko was diagnosed with pneumonia caused by pathogens called mycoplasma after tests of blood and x-rays, the results were treated with such antibiotics, improved symptoms of coughing in that it almost disappeared in and around the infection. Three o'clock yesterday afternoon, Akio was discharged, Princess Masako has continued to stay with Akio from the date of admission. Aiko's symptoms of cough is seen to remain a few weeks.

Why is this of concern you might ask, well you see it turns out that during her summer vacation she went to cheer up the victims after the devastating tsunami and spent some 7 weeks in the affected area. They ate the Fukushima food and even brought some home.

The daughter of the crown prince and princess spent her summer vacation in Nasu. The Kan administration sent the emperor and empress in April and May to cheer up the quake/tsunami victims in Chiba, Ibaraki, Miyagi, Fukushima, Iwate, 7 weeks in a row. They ate food in Fukushima, and bring some home for their sons' families.

Also translated with Google:

63-year-old TV host has been diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia

In his morning program on Fuji TV he's been promoting Fukushima produce by eating them in the show. He also happened to be in Fukushima in March 15. Just a coincidence. Never mind that ALL is predominant in small children, and an adult case is one in 100,000 annually in Japan.

Fuji TV had been unwell for a rest "TV alarm" (5.25 last Friday - Monday) main wheels, Norikazu Mr. Otsuka (63) were diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia."Blood cancer", but this disease is also called, has recently advanced treatment, the experts, "it's not too afraid," he said. 7, Mr. Otsuka appeared on the show as phone is showing a healthy state, confessed to himself with a tone of light condition.

Otsuka's June 28, when touched on the neck, accidentally discovered a lump. Result of receiving a thorough examination in a hospital in Tokyo, turned out to be one with acute lymphoblastic leukemia blood cancer, was admitted to a hospital emergency in Tokyo.

The rest were from two days, seven days' TV Alarm "appeared on the phone, first thing one says" Good morning! "Called on the audience and always much the same voice.

Casually touching the neck, "it?" I am uncomfortable with Mr. Otsuka, "Upon receiving the inspection it was mind was quickly admitted," reminisces.

For future treatment "has a central venous catheter into the side of the neck, (now) to enter into a lot of anti-cancer drug chemotherapy there. Informed consent (discussion of treatment plan), the" pretty tough situation could be "is said to be."Also Thursday, a bone marrow already collected.

Physical condition is very healthy without symptoms. The gap, "sometimes a little depressed," and was anxious to change the body's mouth due to chemotherapy.

Continuing treatment remains the "return of spring," says Otsuka goal listed. We will report the status of their recovery through future programs. "In previous programs, this disease has been told many. Tsumabiraka be said to be his, everyone (audience =) I think it's helpful," and "soul caster" showed.

For acute lymphocytic leukemia, Kamata, professor emeritus of medicine specializing in Hiroshima leukemia seven men is "not the cause of the disease and it is no surprise to anyone not develop," he said.

"There will be no sudden onset of symptoms in a healthy adult men, aged 50 and over are careful. There is no particular prevention, effective treatment is established, we have greatly improved cure rate . You worry too much, there is no need to despair or "(Mr. Kamata)

Kanji is the key to early detection, Kamada said, "as Mr. Otsuka nape, you remember the incongruity of such a lump in the lymph nodes around the base of the inner thigh or armpit should receive blood tests hesitation," he said.

General acute lymphoblastic leukemia [] "blood cancer" is said to be one of the leukemia. The immature stage malignant lymphocytes, a type of leukemia, primarily in the bone marrow increased abnormally, a rapidly progressive disease. Many children and adults one-year incidence is 1 in 100,000 people. Most common cause of onset is unknown, it is not clear prophylaxis. Resistance to eliminate the virus in leukopenia, fever and pneumonia, and septicemia causes. In addition, symptoms may appear such as headache and nausea.

This concludes Part 1 next we will talk about the rumor about the dead TEPCO workers and how workers often keel over after which they are removed by ambulance.. Some return to work.. Clearing radioactive rubble, however media don't talk about this and where are the dead bodies hidden? Stay tuned for more. 

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