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Thursday, December 15, 2011

☢ MP3 Fukushima Deteriorating with Jeff Rense and Yoichi Shimatsu 12 Dec 2011 ☢

Jeff Rense again with Yoichi Shimatsu. Yoichi is on the line from Malaysia this time where they use oil but also bio fuel extensively. This Dec 11, 2011 MP3, they talk a bit about KYOTO and how the Nuclear Fiasco have left countries along with Japan really no where to go.

The nuclear industry was a big supporter of the global carbon tax basically punishing all other forms of energy but now it’s all going sour when TEPCO can’t afford to lobby. The reactor building 4 at Fukushima is almost collapsing and with the nuclear fuel pool on top of the roof on the verge of falling to the ground. If something like that happens it would render most of Japan inhabitable.

You think that’s bad well 100.000 tons of radioactive debris of about 4 million tons more have just reached Tokyo and THEY ARE GOING TO BURN IT!

Nuclear energy gets of scot-free while ordinary people are frowned upon for burning a bit of oil. Where are all the CO2 protesters on this? Sure a fully loaded 747 airplane consumes around 200.000 liters of fuel ever 8 hours or so. Most planes are in the air 24/7 so that ads up to somewhere around 1 million liters of fuel every day for 1 single airliner. Hmm last I checked motorists that burn a few liters a day and that could not even make a dent in that fuel consumption jet aircraft stand for really are bashed hard for.. Well getting to work?

So lets look at that.

Burning millions of tons radioactive debris: OK
747 consuming 1 million liters of fuel every day: OK
Me / you using your car around 5 liters per day: Worst earth destroying scum ever.

It’s been stated that all of mankind contribute to approximately 3.4 percent of the annual CO2 levels with 96.6 percent that comes from nature. (You know volcanoes, wildfires, decomposing trees, grass and so on.)

Yeah talk about double standard. If the nuclear industry is supporting the carbon tax and our carbon tax pays the nuclear industry in form of government support then in a way you are supporting nuclear energy and it’s continuing destruction of our planet. At least it’s not forever, our radiation should be gone by the end of our existence here along with our horrible 3.4 percent CO2 impact.

Anyone thinking about coming on here and draw me parallels between Radiation and CO2? How about CO2 and Water? Hang on I know, CO2 and Alcohol? CO2 and Cyanide? CO2 and Fat? Would an 3.4 percent increase in fat be a disaster for my body? Would my body core temperature change if I reduce or increase my fat level with 3.4 percent? Would my car engine stop overheating if I put 3.4 percent more water in the cooling system? Would my car overheat if I reduce the water in my cooler with 3.4 percent? If I add 3.4 percent to my air fuel mixture would my engine blow up? NO, NO again NO.

I mean they have already stated and this is from people with Ph.Ds that radiation is good for you and if you smile it wont hurt you. So you pull up your pants and bring it on if you like!

The purifying systems that are in use at the Fukushima plant is no longer able to purify the contaminated radioactive water sending tons and tons of highly radioactive water into the ocean. Tests are showing radiation levels 50 million times over the limit in the ocean. What does this do to the ocean and fish?

Well it’s all here (Flame is not included or part of the Rense Show)

Download MP3:
Jeff Rense - 12-12-11 - HR3 - From Hong Kong - Yoichi Shimatsu - Fukushima Deteriorating

All these MP3 interviews are mirrored on my server and I will keep them online for you, you can also find these on in the archives.

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Transcribed Audio below.

Jeff Rense: OK welcome back and all you need do is to look at that top story that second featured story box Japan Nuclear Disaster and read the headlines and they are all there. Read the stories too by all means. It’s updated, it’s current, it’s frightening it’s just really awful. Cesium in the pacific ocean 50 million times over the limit shortly after the disaster and they keep talking about the ocean not being polluted. It was recently admitted that the so called water purification equipment that was installed at Fukushima Daiichi doesn’t work, didn’t work and the actual water now is just being ducted into the ocean.

So when you get word from people in the plant of things like this and you also get word from people working in the plant the destroyed plant that there is no hope there is nothing left to do. These are the quotes we’re forgetting, there is no hope there is no plan there is nothing left to do. Then when you look at the pictures today, of the south wall on reactor building 4 having disappeared in the last week, and the spent fuel pool just hanging out there. And if that dives to the ground it’s goodbye, Tokyo and Yokahama and all points in between and maybe much worse than that. So this is a catastrophe, absolutely unequivocally. With us now from south east Asia is our colleague and man who has brought us such incredible insight to all of this for so many months here Yoichi Shimatsu, are you there Yoichi?

Yoichi Shimatsu: Yeah I’m in Malaysia a country that runs on oil and increasingly on bio fuel, on palm oil, that they are using now. But whole country is covered with these darn palm oil orchids, terrible you know it’s a tropical desert.

Jeff Rense: Laughing.

Yoichi Shimatsu: You know, so sort of what not to do you know in the field of energy. That you know everyone’s going about the energy business in their own little way, and there is no real plan about some sort of energy transition. It’s actually quit noisy here this is a land of a lot of cars, traffic, this is an oil dependent country much like California. So you know this is, and we just had this meeting in Durban, South Africa. We sort of ended with this promise to start a new treaty after the old one is failed, and again … don’t do this don’t do that, but what do we do. To replace things like coal which is not to healthy for you, you smell the fumes from these cars not that healthy. Certainly nuclear was a panacea, and what happened is Japan basically dropped out of the KYOTO treaty. Now that TEPCO the Nuclear Power Company is not supporting it, does not have the money to support the UN climate talks anymore and the whole lobbying effort that went into it, Japan simply whimpered out after making all the big noise for the last, since 1997.

Jeff Rense: Wow.

Yoichi Shimatsu: So Nuclear Industry was a major supporter of this whole idea of a carbon tax an all that, basically punish all other forms of energy so that Nuclear could thrive, but now that Nuclear is blowing up people don’t know what to do. So we are stuck here in the middle of traffic here with a lot of fume coming out of everywhere. So again there is no real plan for a global energy transition to better forms of energy. Less use of energy, amazing how 1000s of civilizations, some of them more intelligent and more culture than ours grew up on 100th or 1000th of the energy that we consume. So you know the world is not … And I’m a part of that right now in Malaysia.

Jeff Rense: Yeah well that’s for sure, now let me ask you a question. I got a story here that the first 100.000 tons out of a projected 4 million tons or more of radioactive debris has now reached Tokyo by truck. Tokyo if you folks don’t know, is going to burn all of this debris, and you say WHAT? That’s right they are going to burn it and the radioactivity is going to go right up the chimneys and right down on Tokyo and up into the air and all around Honshu and then it’s going to go further than that too. And nobody in the world is saying anything about it.

Yoichi Shimatsu: Well again, we just had this conference that focus on carbon dioxide emissions and I would say those millions of tons are going up into smoke in Japan are creating a lot of carbon dioxide which isn’t appearing on anyone’s list and non of the anti-carbon dioxide people are making any qualms about it. So we have a double standard here, Nuclear Energy gets of scot-free, they can go around destroying entire economies, wiping out entire communities, destroying the life’s of children’s for generations to come. No one speaks of this, there is nothing. We hear nothing from these people, even though carbon dioxide is obviously going to be emitted from these incinerators. Not to mention the radioactivity which is going to cross over the Pacific and all parts o North America and Europe. So that’s only the beginning and you know that twain was that earlier that this stuff wasn’t really too radioactive. Towns along Miyagi coast were not really that hard hit by radiation. If you go back and look at all the claims and articles these are supposed to be relatively low level contamination sites. But they seem to be in a huge hurry to move it into Tokyo and burn off the smoking gun supposedly, this evidence. In fact the place is massively radioactive and this stuff is you know is very destructive and they want to move it out now before lets say next summers rain will leach out of that, a lot of radiation into the soil and water up there. So they are moving this stuff out, it’s a way of also suppressing evidence, you know. What we are seeing here is that all of the things the Japanese government has done is given bailout to TEPCO to the offenders and let the president, executives retire with million dollar pay packages, you know golden parachutes. And no hint of criminal charges, the police aren’t collecting any evidence at all from this if, you know to determine whether or not there was any kind of criminal complicity between the Energy Industry, politicians and so on, and non of that’s happening. So basically you can also see this legally in terms of just this massive cover-up. Massive destruction of evidence the smoking guns that are out there that destroyed whole towns and make them unlivable. The tsunami destroyed the towns but the radiation that made them unlivable, and we can not re-hebetate these places. So this I think is the larger crime than the tsunami, the tsunami comes and smash a certain area. But the radiation coves massive, huge areas, entire provinces so..

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