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Sunday, March 11, 2012

☢ One year after Fukushima – 2012 Audio Collection Feb-March 11 Updates ☢

Today a year has past since the Fukushima disaster, and in that time the earthquake activity in the area have gone up some 24 times from the recorded average in the area. 231 earthquakes above M4 have hit since the devastating earthquake with numerous M5 quakes recently centering in around Fukushima. Some of us look at the recent solar activity and solar storms and see a direct connection.

This don’t sound good for us that continually follow the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster. With real experts doing all they can to try and educate the masses and bring attention to the severity of this disaster as we get headlines like..

“If Unit 4 gets a crack from quakes and leaks, it would be the end for Tokyo.” 

While I’m at it, describing to you how much earthquake activity has gone up (24 times). It will surprise some of you, probably living in caves somewhere.. That a few weeks ago the radiation levels reported in Tokyo, many parts of it, has in fact radioactive levels 25 times higher than the mandatory evacuation zones around Chernobyl!! 

There is really a treat here. Still people don’t really care about. They do go on that everything is fine, like it’s already over. They draw parallels to Chernobyl and say, “look at that place, people still live there and are doing just fine..” It’s nothing new that TEPCO and the Japanese government have been less than forthcoming since the beginning of this disaster, lies upon lies.. Some don’t question but the Japanese people are getting more and more angry, and they know they are being told lies and half truths. The Japanese people are more and more opening their eyes and start to see TEPCO the clown with the curly hair and painted face denying everything saying it’s a “wardrobe malfunction”.

“Report: Records of human deformations and still births after Fukushima yet to be published” 

In 1986 some magazines and pro-nuclear articles went out and said nuclear power is as safe as a chocolate factory, a few weeks later Chernobyl blew up. 25 years later, the movement and “educated” thinking among experts and the schooled children growing up after started to go back to normal. Normal being that nuclear power is cheap and safe, however this time the disaster was the greatest nuclear disaster in the history of the world, and it’s still going. Anyone who have the guts to look at a Chernobyl documentary and see how that nuclear disaster have affected the children would never say something like it’s safe and fine. It’s not fine, Fukushima is not fine, it’s not over, it’s ongoing.

Children in Fukushima stopped growing last year, it’s widely known and reported on by doctors in the area, children should not do that if there was nothing very wrong.
☢ Fukushima Radiation Sickness Symptoms Public Inability To Fight Illness Part1 ☢

Yet today a English documentary went on to say they are still unsure about the health effects on children. I guess they are still waiting for that report? 

But that's not all, what about all the Radiation Sickness Symptoms showing up all over. Like people loosing hair, teeth and getting all kinds of illnesses. Watch this video of a High School teacher about how the radiation destroy her health. I know about 90% of the school teachers eat the same food they serve the children during the school day. Now what damage do you think this does to young children that are growing when it wrecks adults like this?

In March 2012 Yoichi Shimatsu talked about a young woman who had only traveled to Japan, what happened to her is disturbing to say the least. She had only been there a short period of time and ate the food.. Read more about that and listen to the Must Hear 2012 audio collection below.

Download MP3 Audio: 01-30-12 - In the US – From Hong Kong – Yoichi Shimatsu – Fukushima Report
Transcribed part about 1 min in:

Jeff Rense: Don’t suppose there will be a big tourist push this season into Fukushima..?

Yoichi Shimatsu: Well the Japanese government is pushing tourism like crazy and people are foolish enough to visit. My travel agent in Hong Kong told me that a lot of people gone over, only to Osaka to southern part of ??? Island and one lady went over there. She was very careful about the diet and all that but you know enjoyed Japanese food, she came back, she’s about 26 years old, office worker.

She came back, this is what my travel agent told me. She wasn’t felling very good, stomach wasn’t felling too good, her head was woozy, went to the doctor and the doctor told her, you can’t have a baby for the next 3 years.. That was his diagnosis. 

Jeff Rense: That’s a smart doctor..

Yoichi Shimatsu: Japanese government inviting people over there where they’re eating the food, drinking the water, breathing the air and they are coming down with conditions where women can not have babies for many years...

Transcribed part:

Jeff Rense: Fukushima radiation as it has covered and continues to cover and impact north of America and the northern hemisphere. Hello MC and welcome back.

Michael Collins: Why thank you JR, I am pleased to be back and last week we did talk about some of these testing that we have been doing and here in Los Angeles we spoke about how the test that we have of the air here have not been impacted by Radon, that Radon progeny is not an issue here and we found very high amounts of Alpha and Beta radiation in the two test that you just posted. 

Jeff Rense: They will be up in a couple of minutes, right.

Michael Collins: That’s right, and our theory we where talking about well if the rain isn’t bringing it here to southern California because of the 42 day period that we used those two HEPA filters a Westing house and Kenmore Plasma Wave. There was no rain and yet we got 538 percent above normal in the dust itself. The dust’s hot you can see it yourself folks it’s like.

Jeff Rense: OK 538, that means 5 times over normal or 4 times above normal a total of 5 anyway OK.

Michael Collins: 5.4 times normal…

Transcribed first minutes:

Jeff Rense: And we are back, “it’s a hot time in the old town tonight” probably a song that the Japanese don’t know but it would certainly serve their purposes and many of these cities on the main Island of Honshu, because radioactivity, radio nuclides are spreading all over nonstop. 70 Million Bequarels An Hour being released from the wrecked destroyed Fukushima plant. 

Reactor building 4 leaning it’s traditional 15 degrees and starting to look more like the leaning tower of Pisa all the time. The Japanese are doing nothing to try and prop that building up, nothing substantial, they cant get near it. 

The activity being generated by the spent fuel pool and of course the ruined reactor which was NOT as TEPCO told us empty. And being refueled, it was full, it was triggered in fact to start back online the very morning of 03-11. They had to stop it because there was a broken pipe, just then the earthquake hit and all hell broke lose. And it is hell on earth.

Meanwhile reactor 2 has continually seen it’s temperatures go up, it went up 5 degrees.. 3 degrees? 3 degrees Celsius in 5 hours yesterday, it is very hot and getting hotter and they the authorities don’t know what’s causing it. Let me tell you though that reactor building 4 with it’s destroyed spent fuel pool the SFP, 3 stories, 4 stories up in the air. When that comes crashing down it is full of destroyed fuel rods, these fuel roods of course some are brand new, some are used. The used rods pose more of an danger than the new ones, so when the SFP at reactor building 4 hits the ground it will go critical immediately. It will literally turn into a nuclear pier of death, it will spew unbelievable amounts of Plutonium and everything that you can, probably 100s of different Radioisotopes will be thrown into the air. Into the ocean and according to one worker at the plant within one year that building is coming down, no more than that.

Because the neutron activity is literally destroying the structural integrity of the building. It’s weakening everything, it’s degrading it, it will fall. And when it does, he said the entire east coast of Japan that’s facing us and the west coast of the United States will become uninhabitable. 

How will it become uninhabitable? It will become uninhabitable because of all along the shoreline the wave action creates vapor, aerosolized droplets of nuclear death. That also of course brings the issue of evaporation which turns into clouds, which moves in storm systems across the ocean and on to the land depositing it’s deadly cargo there. So when building 4 goes down, and that spent fuel pool goes critical, folks you better start wearing masks all the time and you still got time to get covers for your gardens or you wont be the one to garden out there…
Transcribed part:

Yoichi Shimatsu: Hello Jeff, hear you had some problem with people ?? on your reporting on Fukushima which mystifies me because it’s one of the most consistent and full coverage out there with a very wide diverse range of opinion so, don’t know what they are complaining about. But I’m afraid it wont have any basis really in anything factual.

Jeff Rense: No it really doesn’t and we have mentioned virtually every scenario I can go back to Benjamin Fullford appearance on the program here, and what Ben proposed was that two nuclear warheads from the submarine Kursk.. The submarine Kursk? Yes, under the nose of the Russian navy where stolen and brought to Japan and dropped down the bore hole pipe 10 inches in diameter of a drilling ship off Fukushima. That’s one. Another person suggested the US navy went there with a submarine and dropped down a couple of nukes in the trench and lit them off. Another person suggest it was the Israeli who went over in one of their German Diesel Electric Submarines and lit off a nuke down there to get even with Japan for some fantasized crime or other. Look folks, Japan is the known earthquake capital of the known universe, OK. Earthquakes happen all the time. Anyway Yoichi, yeah a very small number of people like a handful or less decided to make a big issue of this and rather than approach it journalistically it has been done in such a way as to clearly be liableness and character deformation of the most ugly variety but that’s the way of the internet and you know we do our best.

Transcribed first minute:

Jeff Rense: Ok and welcome back, it’s time to do our Monday update with Michael Collins of enviroreporter dot com he and Denise running things in Santa Monica trying to keep handle on the situation of Fukushima Radiation coming here continually, either via the Jet stream or the lower altitude air flow currents and moisture bands that come across and of course via the Pacific Ocean. And it’s ocean currents which are like a very sophisticated circulatory system which have brought these materials, all kinds of deadly radionuclides over here for many, many months now. All up and down the west coast, up into the golf of Alaska, will you hear anything from the Environmental “Protection Agency” ? Not a chance. Hello Michael and welcome back.

Transcribed first minute:

Jeff Rense: OK and we are back and it’s time to spend an hour of this week with Michael Collins and get a good look at what is happening here and of course over in Japan. The open wound on the surface of the earth which continue to spew radioactive death, unfortunately at a level that is still now being finally understood by the greater portion of the Japanese people and the American people as well.

Transcribed first minute:

Jeff Rense: OK and welcome back we are going to spend some time in Japan this hour with Dr. Richard Wilcox he is an extraordinary man who has been doing the very best he can against virtually insurmountable odds to try and make the Japanese people aware of what their government is not telling them. And what it’s not telling them is down right horrific. We saw this story two days ago that Tokyo many parts of it, has in fact radioactive levels 25 times higher than the mandatory evacuation zones around Chernobyl. Think about that. Trainstations, buildings, houses, streets. It does not matter, it’s everywhere to one degree or another but if they are getting readings 25 times higher than Chernobyl’s mandatory evacuation zones, WOW.

There is a lot of talk that the Japanese government in the beginning of the catastrophe a year ago this April the 11th didn’t know what to do. We know that, but what the talk is really suggesting is that the Japanese government was actively considering evacuating the city, I think it’s around 30 million people. Well obviously they should have and still probably should have, these people are just going to get sick and die in many cases. So lets go over to Japan right now and welcome to the program...


Jeff Rense: Ok here we are and lets go over to Hong Kong and say hello to our friend and colleague Yoichi Shimatsu who has contributed so very, very much to our understanding and I think more than that even our empathy to the people and the, well the whole culture that has been decimated and will continue to show more and more signs of imploding, the Japanese culture in the months and years ahead. It is a living tragedy unfolding before our eyes in living color. Unfortunately most of us over here in this country will never get to see it unless you are watching this particular website or listening to this program because of the Zionist nuclear regulatory commission and all the other Zionist entities here block the news out almost entirely. Yoichi hello and welcome back..

Transcribed first minute:

Early Fallout Map from March 21, 2011 (Not the one talked about on show)
Jeff Rense: OK and welcome back let me take our weekly look at the ongoing Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, it is an open nuclear bomb spewing death literally around the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. And if you saw the map that we had up yesterday at rense dot com or the day before, I think it was 3 days all together. You saw the radioactive hot particle that blanketed these formally United States most Americans either inhaled or ate them. 

They went into the soil, remember they have long half lives. They were up taken by the plants or they where simply on the plants and people ate them. That’s the worst, you can get them on your arms and wash them off sometimes, but when you inhale or eat them, that sets of in many people a time bomb of death. Many Americans are going to die, millions, maybe 10s of millions. It only takes one particle, you saw the map it was no joke. We have been lied to, deceived, betrayed by our alleged government. We are expendable. Michael Collins is with us tonight..

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