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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

☢ [PHOTOS] Proof From Costa Rica - Fukushima Exterminating Pacific ☢

Costa Rica Severe Genetic Mutations Sand Dollars Pacific Coast Sea Life Fukushima Radiation - Photo 1-2
Severe Genetic Mutations Sand Dollars Costa Rica - Photo 1-2
Hello everyone, a dear reader AWe from Costa Rica (Pacific Ocean Side) have just shared with us some of the horrors that she is witnessing first hand here on the Radioactive Chat.

Washing up on the Coast, massive deaths and sickness of the sea life, fishermen and surfers with all sorts of health issues like chronic stomach pain, odd skin rashes & peeling..

I decided it was best for you to hear this in her own words and show you the photos she sent that to me show nothing but massive genetic damage caused by the ongoing Fukushima disaster..

The really sad part about all this to me is that this is genetic damage by radiation that can never be undone. Future generations wont see pretty sand dollars and amazing sea life. At this point in time the sea life is forever damaged, in the future however the sea life and everything affected will most likely be extinct.

UPDATE: You may also like to have a look at the latest pictures taken from Costa Rica
Mutated Hermit Crab Shells
Mutated Hermit Crab Shells
☢[PHOTOS] Mutated Hermit Crab Shells on Costa Rica Beaches☢

Costa Rica Pacific Coast Mass Animal Deaths Fukushima Radiation Acid Rain - Photo 1
Costa Rica Pacific Coast Acid Rain - Photo 1
This is an followup of the post above with Mutated Hermit Crab Shells with the latest from AWe that you can read more about what AWe have to say about the situation in Costa Rica and see a few more pictures of the mutated Hermit Crabs and plant life: 

(If someone know the name of this red flower from Costa Rica please share it with us, thanks)
☢ [PHOTOS] More Mutated Hermit Crab Shells on Costa Rica Beaches ☢

There is an update to this with 60 pictures that can be seen here:

Costa Rica Severe Genetic Mutations Pacific Coast Sea Life Fukushima Radiation - Photo 1
Costa Rica Severe Genetic Mutations Fukushima Radiation - Photo 1
The photos shown have been scaled down 50% and I also tweaked the levels a bit to help with the presentation.

But be sure to click on them to get a better look at the details.

Severe Genetic Mutations Sand Dollars Costa Rica - Photo 2-1
Mutated Sand Dollars Costa Rica - Photo 2-1
AWe: Hola from Costa Rica...Pacific Coast side...honestly, seeing severe genetic mutations already.. lots of ecosystem devastation & very strange changes to say the least

JD: Hola, nice to hear from you. Do you see mutations in vegetation? Or is it more in the sea life?
8 Apr 14, 10:34 AM

AWe: Thanks for the inquiry JD, seriously..we kind of need that, it feels like a hug. Pura Vida. Yes, we are seeing this a little in plant life (not food), & very strange things in the sea life.
8 Apr 14, 12:41 PM

AWe: I have detailed pictures. Now things are washing up that long time local fisherman cannot identify. LOTS of sand dollars & blowfish in particular. All the sand dollars have holes burned through them.
8 Apr 14, 02:43 PM

AWe: The snails aren't able to hold onto the rocks upside down anymore, they fall off?!? They have red sores or something & struggle until they die.
8 Apr 14, 02:45 PM

Costa Rica Severe Genetic Mutations Sand Dollars Pacific Coast Sea Life Fukushima Radiation - Photo 3
Fukushima Radiation Damage - Photo 3
AWe: The crabs are mutating in lots of ways, so many to even explain here in these few lines. Huge gross appendages, monstrous deformities.
8 Apr 14, 02:46 PM

AWe: Again, I have pictures of this. I just don't know where to send them or if they will even get there. I hope this is a secure chat line!! hahaha
8 Apr 14, 02:48 PM

AWe: The reason being, I have already lost my last computer & phone to software virus' after I started posting them up in December. Other things happened too.
8 Apr 14, 02:49 PM

AWe: Anyway, I am a real person & this is really happening to us. The surfers here are starting to feel ill in weird ways, & I searched for 5 hours yesterday to find 4 shells.
8 Apr 14, 02:51 PM

AWe: I haven't found something totally normal in about a month and a half. We lived in a pristine environment really, I can't even begin to describe. Entonces, gracias Radioactive Chat community!!
8 Apr 14, 02:53 PM
Costa Rica Severe Genetic Mutations Sand Dollars Pacific Coast Sea Life Fukushima Radiation - Photo 4
Costa Rica Severe Genetic Mutations Sand Dollar Sea Life Photo 4

JD: Well thank you so much for coming on here and talking because most people don't know what is really happening Awe :)
8 Apr 14, 02:57 PM

JD: You could send me pictures if you can and I'll post then on here for you
8 Apr 14, 03:16 PM

AWe: Ps.Just to be thorough, one small red crab species does not seem to be affected that much, & I forgot to mention our 7 month baby kittens have weird paws & exhibit behavior like squirrels & dogs...?
8 Apr 14, 03:19 PM

AWe: Ok!! My day has begun in the jungle here, so I have to tend to the chores & cannot stay online. However, later today I will compile them & send them off!! Thank you for the forum.
8 Apr 14, 03:26 PM

Costa Rica Severe Genetic Mutations Sand Dollars Pacific Coast Sea Life Fukushima Radiation - Photo 5
Costa Rica Mutations Sand Dollars - Photo 5
AWe: Well, now I am sending you part of the photo collection just to give you the heads up. I am worried this conversation will somehow be compromised before I can send them to you later.
8 Apr 14, 03:31 PM

JD: Thanks got the pics, I'll scale them down and try and post all pics. I'm no marine biologist but there is something very wrong with the cellular division on these sand dollars
8 Apr 14, 03:47 PM

AWe: I just need to be more precise on my previous explanations..especially if the scientific community ever reads this, because every detail counts. It's also very worth the risk to inform people.

AWe: Also want to clarify that many numerous strange skeletons & unidentifiable parts of sea creatures wash up every day now. Also a massive amount of sand dollars & blowfish bones/skulls.
9 Apr 14, 05:24 PM
Costa Rica Severe Genetic Mutations Pacific Coast Sea Life Fukushima Radiation - Photo 1-1
Costa Rica Fish death Sea Life - Photo 1-1

AWe: Every single dead sand dollar washing up has holes in either the front, back, or both. It looks like the actual creature is melting out of its shell, or a reaction from the inside out.
9 Apr 14, 05:27 PM

AWe: Sand dollars are pearly white here, & these we are now finding contain various shades of purple & green. Usually containing both pigments, or just green & covered with hair sometimes.
9 Apr 14, 05:31 PM

AWe: Yes, their cell division is obviously weird & almost all are asymmetrical or mutated in some way. They are not forming perfectly & the two different types are now sharing unique traits w/ each other.
9 Apr 14, 05:37 PM

AWe: I first noticed the snails around the beginning of January. On a walk I would see many upside down & struggling. I would assist them, & later return to find more than before.
9 Apr 14, 05:41 PM

Costa Rica Severe Genetic Mutations Pacific Coast Sea Life Fukushima Radiation - Photo 2
More Genetic Mutations Sea Life Costa Rica - Photo 2
AWe: I have not seen one alive for at least a week. I have been searching hard as well, only to discover that the tide pools do not exist here anymore & it is just pools of foamy water containing no life.
9 Apr 14, 05:45 PM

AWe: Something is obviously going on with the shells & tide pools as well. I know the way they form is kind of a mystery, but these are not forming correctly at all. They form open already or just one side
9 Apr 14, 05:47 PM

AWe: Oh, I forgot to mention again that all the snails have red/purple sore on their bodies(usually white/clear), which I assume is the reason they could not hold onto the rocks while inverted.
9 Apr 14, 05:49 PM

AWe: The Fantasma crab seems to be the only one unaffected, or so it appears. Their population is rapidly multiplying. Another blue crab with spots is now growing orange claws & spikes on their head...?
Costa Rica Severe Genetic Mutations Pacific Coast Sea Life Fukushima Radiation - Photo 3-1
Costa Rica Pacific Coast Sea Life - Photo 3-1
9 Apr 14, 05:52 PM

AWe: Halloween crabs are growing larger than normal appendages, as are the other species which have one arm bigger than the other. Now I see them so pronounced that the crab just drags it around.
9 Apr 14, 05:55 PM

AWe: Also, strange things with their shells, eye color, color in general. Huge deviations concerning odd numbers of legs, more legs on one side, & hairy 'spider legs' becoming prominent features.
9 Apr 14, 05:56 PM

AWe: I am also very worried about the fishermen here. Everything from strange foot fungus that refuses to go away even after the nail is removed, to chronic stomach pain, odd skin rashes & peeling.
9 Apr 14, 05:59 PM

AWe: A lot of weird melted (emphasis on MELTED) plastic trash has been washing up in the tideline mixed in with all the dead ocean life. Massive amounts of trash have been washing up here since 2011.
9 Apr 14, 06:00 PM

Costa Rica Severe Genetic Mutations Pacific Coast Sea Life Fukushima Radiation - Photo 4-1
Pacific Coast Sea Life Fukushima Radiation - Photo 4-1
AWe: I have painfully decided to stop swimming or surfing anymore. I was also walking a lot in the water for research in the newly present foam & yellow brown bubbly water that is everywhere here.
9 Apr 14, 06:02 PM

AWe: Then the skin started peeling of my feet & I was getting horrible skin rashes. Not like cracked dry skin though, long sections were peeling off, exposing open layers underneath.
9 Apr 14, 06:04 PM

AWe: So, I hope those details are helpful in terms of the current state of the ocean here. I have left out many other details, although it is most certainly affecting the entire ecosystem. Gracias & thanks
9 Apr 14, 06:05 PM

Costa Rica Severe Genetic Mutations Pacific Coast Sea Life Fukushima Radiation - Photo 5-1
Costa Rica Sea Life Fukushima - Photo 5-1
The comment section below is now open for anyone, no need to register. Please Share!

I would like to add that what AWe have been doing here is greatly appreciated, this is the kind of stories you wont get on the news. Big thanks!

And I'm really hoping more people would join in and contribute if only a little bit in this effort, as summer approaches for the rest of us every little thing helps to spread the word. 

Think about this, if you stand by and do nothing when a crime is committed you would be charged as an accomplice. And even if the main criminal (TEPCO) is not charged or convicted. You could be prosecuted!

So don't just stand there, do something! Write something, paint something, sing something, record something, take a picture.. Anything!


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