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Friday, December 2, 2011

☢ MP3 Fukushima Report with Jeff Rense and Yoichi Shimatsu 28 Nov 2011 ☢

This is another Fukushima Update from Jeff Rense aired 28 November 2011, Jeff is talking to Yoichi Shimatsu who brings us another must hear show. In summary they talk about the radiation sickness going around in Japan and how the food is contaminated. The kids as we already know have stopped growing in Fukushima caused by them eating this contaminated food.

We hear a little about the farmers in Fukushima doing stupid measurements to try and protect their crops and trees from radiation by trying get the contamination further down into the soil away from the roots.

We also get to hear about how the radiation is damaging the earth Ozone and causing the Arctic Ozone hole to expand, but little is talked about this among the environmentalists because this new find and drastic increase in size cant be blamed on carbon emissions. The IAEA is caught openly lying to the public concerning the radiation picked up in Europe pointing the finger to a medical research institute in Hungary. All along the first reports where done by the high altitude meteorology agency in Norway which took altitude readings in the Jet Stream. Further confirming that the radiation really did come from Fukushima!!

Jeff Rense points out that they have detected radiation Cesium 5000 feet deep in the waters off Fukushima. And this year it was the first known white shark attack on the Russian far east coast. What really is this radiation doing to the oceans, and what will it do to other animals and viruses!!

These are some of the things Jeff and Yoichi goes into in the following MP3. Below I have transcribed the first minutes of this MP3 audio for you to read also.

Download MP3: 

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Jeff Rense: OK and lets go over to the great south east Asian area, I don’t know if I need to nail it down any closer than that and spend some time with Yoichi Shimatsu who is one of the worlds premier and certainly most experienced environmental reporters and researchers. He is an extraordinary man who has literally risked his life to go back to Fukushima on several occasions to try and help the farmers to coupe with the hopelessly polluted land in some cases. Is there hope? Not a lot. Yoichi how are you?

Yoichi Shimatsu: Well I am OK I’m in south east Asia far away from the radioactive fallout I can eat green vegetables been eating a lot of mustard greens I have been catching up on all those minerals that help build your body to help keep up mineral content so you don’t absorb a lot of radioactive so..

Jeff Rense: Well there is a lot going on..

Yoichi Shimatsu: There have been a lot of controversy recently I think someone selling some supplements in Japan where just bombarded even by the head of the Fukushima relief operation there who obviously is not taking their supplements when they should be. Director of the Fukushima number 1 plant which is melted down, he’s come down with some serious illness had to retire.

Jeff Rense: Yeah he retired very quickly by the way, any word on what his unknown ailment might me?

Yoichi Shimatsu: When I saw him on NHK he was very pale, he said he cant disclose for reason of privacy.. there be no.. obviously if he where sick for any other reason he would definitely give it the cause to get TEPCO off the hook.. 

Jeff Rense: Yes!

Yoichi Shimatsu: So obviously it’s pretty clear he’s down with radiation caused cancer probably.. 

Jeff Rense: Probably lymphocyte leukemia that which killed the young fisherman, world famous fisherman died, he was eating fish of Fukushima. And then the TV journalist who was eating Fukushima vegetables he has adult onset lymphocytic leukemia as well.

Yoichi Shimatsu: Again this was what I was emphasizing in Japan my talks there was that you should really watch out for ingestion. Radiation in the environment is bad enough and we must fight it there because the real threat comes from ingestion. And that’s the difference between what happened with the Atomic Bombs in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima. There all farming was suspended and people ate imported food, food came from the United States though Europe. Where as in Japan the government encourage people to consume the local produced food and ingestion is really the fast track to cancer basically, when it’s inside the body it doesn’t protect it. Your nose is not filtering it, you have these filtration systems in the body, but they are not inside your body, inside your body they are quite contrary they absorb all these toxic substances.

Jeff Rense: Yoichi they are feeding children radioactive lunches, they are not even checking them, the rise out of Fukushima is coming in as high as 1270 bq per Kg. 

Yoichi Shimatsu: Yeah this is really terrible, supposedly there is a government limit but even 500 bq per Kg on processed rise, even that is high when you consider vegetables, fish, eggs and milk and other things it all contribute. Very small amounts kill cells, there is no such thing as dilution with radiation even the smallest amount of this stuff emits gamma rays and it builds up in your body and the organs. And now when we have top level officials in the government saying that radiation doesn’t accumulate in your body, of course not radiation is a wave but the materials, the radioactive materials do accumulate in your body, Strontium on your bones replaces Calcium and Cesium in your muscles. And so I don’t know about the other kind of verses about hoe other people promoting this stuff or what prices they are charging. But clearly those who are deficient in Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium these people will be more prone to absorbing radioactive salts in their diet and from the air and the water. Yeah these kids are really heavily exposed and that’s why they are not growing. Basically the thyroid have been assaulted by Iodine and that controls metabolism and that controls human growth and so these kids are really in trouble. I suppose the next level of official quackery will be to give them human growth hormone, you know produce these sort of tall monsters that we seen in some of the, you know some of these guys in the basketball league that look very bony like a Frankenstein, they were people who maybe as kids where administered human growth hormone. I think that this is really very bad if they do that to the kids cause their internal development or the organs cant sustain a large body frame at this time. So these kids are being dwarfed and the situation is getting worse and worse they are desperately condemned.

Jeff Rense: Unbelievable alright, there is..

Yoichi Shimatsu: So diet is the last place you really want to fight radiation, you do want to stop it in the environment, do it properly and what is happening in Japan is the government and the national…

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