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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

☢ Fukushima Radiation Sickness Symptoms Public Inability To Fight Illness Part2 ☢

Beginning of November 2011 I did a post about the radiation sickness going around in Japan and the public inability to fight common illness. There where a lot to cover so this is Part 2. I have been keeping my eyes on the media, not wanting to “jump the gun” on things. Because there are so much confusion going around already, and it makes it that much harder to get to the bottom of what really is going on. Why confusion? Well there is more to the this than meets the eye.

I highly recommend that you watch what Professor Christopher Busby have to say and how things have been handled so far.
☢ Busby - Cold Shutdown Extremely Unlikely - Fukushima an Criminal Affair - Fission Still Taking Place ☢

In my earlier post the reports coming out showed that the children in Fukushima had stopped growing, the growth in the Fukushima area was down 75%. That’s really serious, because kids should never just stop growing like that. And I don’t care what “expert doctors” that tells the Japanese people that if they smile radiation wont hurt them have to say.

You want to hear more crazy stuff, listen to Yoichi Shimatsu
☢ MP3 - Fukushima Update - Yoichi Shimatsu and Jeff Rense 12-26-11 ☢

Now because this is a chat.. Radioactive Chat there have been some comments made earlier on that this whole thing is blown out of proportion. That this site and reports from other sites and media that actually is free and not supported in any way other than donations or similar to be able to keep information online are scare mongering sites. Some people were expecting and probably have been “educated” by Hollywood that we should see people dropping dead in the streets and other forms of horrible death due to the disaster. They look at Fukushima and the area around that is affected and the people living there and to us that are looking in, nothing seems wrong. Life goes on. This have been what the mainstream media have been promoting, nothing wrong here, things are under control. Move along people.

What started as a minor “hydrogen explosion” and TEPCO insisted on this for a very long time. Turned out to be 3 full meltdowns with Plutonium thrown outside.

Now because this post is supposed to cover the radiation sickness, I’m not going to cover the radiation deaths. You can find more on that here, but also you should check out this recent post done on that.
☢ Radiation Deaths Fukushima Mayor and Journalist Die Both Exposed To Nuclear Fallout ☢

You might remember that the top dog, TEPCO chief the Former head of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant No. 1 Masao Yoshida, retired from an unknown illness a few months ago.
☢ Former Chief Masao Yoshida Has Cancer Fukushima Radiation Sickness ☢

Well he got Cancer, but it took quite some time before “he” actually came out with this.

But that’s not what I wanted to cover because it’s “old” news, the latest that came out is actually quite scary stuff.

It’s got to do with animals, unlike people buying whatever food they want in the store, imported from far away. Animals around Japan and fish that have been affected by the radiation, but maybe more so than anyone else. They have detected radiation Cesium 5000 feet deep in the waters off Fukushima. And now the groundwater table 15 miles outside the Fukushima plant have tested positive to Cesium also. Rise out of Fukushima is showing high levels of contamination 1270 bq per Kg.

The debris from the devastating tsunami is starting to show up on the coast around Alaska, Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer is well-known for his study of flotsam and how it travels through the ocean and have said that debris will continue to wash up on shores from Kodiak to Oregon for the next few years. Ebbesmeyer goes on to say that scientists are already hypothesizing about the effects of mass amounts of debris traveling through the Pacific Ocean’s currents. But also points to an unprecedented number of sea turtles washing up on Vancouver Island.

Now mass death of fish life is not unheard of, just recently 20 tons of fish died and floated up on a shore in Norway. Further study is needed to determine the cause of this.

This is a good video with radiation biologist Natalia Manzurova, she tells of her experience as a Chernobyl 'clean up liquidator'. This is the third of five parts of a seminar held at San Francisco State University April 8, 2011 - translated by psychologist Tatiana Mukhamedyarova.

Natalia Manzurova talks about how animals started attacking people in the Chernobyl area after the disaster. Because of the huge radiation doses the animals got the “sickness” went to madness. Manzurova talks about this at 5:40 min into the video. The dogs that were left in the zone went to the forest… foxes, wolves… started attacking people who were working in the zone. In fact even the hogs in the wild, they also became mad and also started attacking. One hog attacked our car with such force that we almost went into the ditch..

Things like this are happening already, there have been reports of Shark attacks on the Russian coast that have never before been reported of. The amount of radiation sent into the ocean is also causing the same type of behavior.

Women have started to loose their hair, you can read more about that at Fukushima Diary

To give you an idea, here is the actually picture of the hair loss. This goes along with other “tweets” and reports about hair loss, bleeding, nail loss.. It’s not looking good people.

What strikes me is that most women use a wig to hide the symptoms! Well of course they do, it's just that how widespread is this, if most women hide this then how big of a problem is this really?

I thought I would have covered more in this post than I did, but there is just so much to go over. I regret to inform you that this "series" will continue. Some of you might say that it's not uncommon either to loose hair, yes that's true. However think about the other reports, put 2 and 2 together..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very good article. It ties many threads together. I'd say try to increase iodine etc. in yr diet but Japanese eat way more fish and seaweed daily than about anyone.
Their own gov't. making eating non-affected foods hard.

A terrible crisis. The whole world food supply is affected!

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